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Snap Tape for Infant & Toddlerwear - available in a variety of decorative styles, these tapes offer unparalleled safety and comfort.

Shown here is Yale's Snap Tape that enables your customer to easily put on and take off baby's garment.

All of our Snap Tapes come in a variety of spacing and custom colors to meet your specific requirements.

Reliable - created from strong cotton-poly or nylon taffeta binding, Yale snap tape is predictably strong regardless of the fabric you use on your garment, Yale's "Snap Alls" maintain their integrity after stress and continuous washing.

Metal snaps riveted directly through the garment have a reputation for ripping out. This can potentially increase your number of defects, as well as your liability, especially in infant's wear, where a loose snap can easily be swallowed. Warm climates and friction from babies moving about can make metal riveted snaps uncomfortably hot. Yale's sewn in plastic snap tape is safer and more reliable.

Comfortable - sewn into soft cotton poly, Yale snap tape is comfortable on baby. The small concealed plastic snap is flat - designed to be strong not noticed.

Affordable - made of continuous binding you cut and sew into your garment, Yale Snap Tape requires no expensive metal riveting machines, and there are no costly defects due to operators missing their rivet.

Non allergenic - allergic reaction to metal snaps is a major concern. All of our sewn in plastic snap tapes are made of non allergenic materials.

We also offer of our snap tapes in a decorative sandwich style. Sandwich Tape With Snaps and Plackets

Sandwich styles offer all of the benefits of our plastic snap tape, but also are decorative. These sandwich style tapes are made with an extra wide binding and an off center snap. This allows the flap to wrap around the edge of the garment eliminating the need for a hem.

Shown here in gingham, the sandwich adds an attractive trim to the outside of the garment and a closure on the inside. All of our snap tapes are available in a variety of spacing and colors. Installation is made simple and inexpensive with a single line of sewing.

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